About Greenhouse Fine Art

From it's humble beginnings as a do-it-yourself frame shop, Greenhouse Fine Art has grown to become a highly regarded and respected gallery by collectors and artists alike.

Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art began in 1981. The previous owners of Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art sold the business to a new ownership group in July of 2013. In January of 2014, a new exciting chapter of the storied gallery began when the employees became shareholders in the business. The larger iconic flagship location in Alamo Heights was given up for the opportunity to return to our original location, less than a block north on Breezewood. While the original location may be smaller, it is a welcoming, well appointed space creating an intimate, relatable, setting for experiencing fine art.

Greenhouse Fine Art prides itself because of the symbiotic relationship we have with our artists and collectors. This would not be possible without the collective teamwork and skills of our staff. Our primary focus is to provide the highest level of service available from the time a piece of artwork arrives until the time it makes a journey to a new home.

Greenhouse Fine Art is the host of the Salon International, the Coppini Academy of Fine Arts Members' Juried Exhibition, International Masters of Fine Art, and many other art exhibitions on an annual basis. We truly are the representational art center of South Texas. Feel free to come by anytime and immerse yourself in "True Representational Art!"